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◎Light touch the tail cap, shut off then open again will switch to the next mode.
◎Turn on and turn off time keep in one second.
◎Built-in 6mode illumination patterns
◎High mode: 1,190 lumens (Let you see farther)
◎Spangled patterns: 15MHZ (Self-defense function, let a person produce swimmy)
◎Normal mode: 500 lumens (Suitable for long time use)
◎Low light mode: 20 lumens (Can last more than 100 hours, suitable for use in tents use,
also can be used as the candle lights)
◎Signal mode: 2 times flashing per second (Fit into the bike as the signal hint in the distance)
◎SOS mode (The international emergency signal mode)
◎Premium type III hard-anodized.
◎Aluminum alloy surface sand black oxidation process.
◎Three miles highly visible
◎LED life as much as 50,000 hours
◎Constant on/off
◎Waterproof Design

Product technical specifications:
Light output: 1,190 lumen (Max) 500 lumen (medium) 20 lumens (low)
Running time: 1, 00 hours
Light source: CREE XM - L2 LED
Rechargeable 1 x 18650 lithium batteries, or 2 × CR123A battery
Product size: long 157mm, head diameter 40mm, tail diameter 26mm.
Products weight: 145g
Product model: MC-G33

Supplied with: Wrist strap, o-ring.